K9 Quackers duck herding and sheepdog displays

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sheepdog display and corporate duck herding


The K9 Quackers sheepdog display team can provide a great team building experience for any workplace or corporate event.

Teams will be shown the basics of sheepdog training and given some insights into how the ducks will react. Each team member can then have a go at duck herding navigating their chosen canine assistant through the obstacles.

A competition is run throughout the experience with teams gaining points for completing various duck herding challenges. Teams will need to drive the ducks effectively through tunnels, bridges and gates arriving back at the pen hopefully with all the ducks in a super fast time. Light hearted rivalry is always evident amongst the teams and of course if the teams are not in sync there can often be some hilarious consequences.

For the team building experience there needs to be an area of around 40m x 30m


The K9 Quackers duck herding and sheepdog display can be flexible to your needs, to discuss your requirements contact Richard - email richard@sheepdogdisplays.com